Max Rocks

Max Rocks is a creative studio owned by graphic designer & illustrator Sian Cartledge. After Sian and her husband Richard decided to send their son Max to a Welsh school, she quickly realised that there was a gap in the market for a visually appealing Welsh Language Resource for pre-school children. In order to assist their son, Sian began designing Welsh Language Flash Cards which became an instant hit. Sian then designed several more sets and a pack of deluxe Welsh Baby Milestone Cards due to a high number of requests from customers. The Milestone Cards have proven to be a successful addition to the range and has been a rewarding experience for Sian, seeing so many children grow alongside her own son Max and uniting parents in their first steps of parenthood.

Max Rocks' wonderfully Welsh greetings cards incorporate not only the Welsh language but also Welsh heritage, each card nods to the country Sian proudly calls home. Daffodils, the Welsh dragon, love spoons, tapestry and much more feature prominently in her unique yet naive illustration style.