Legami Warm Cuddles Heat Pillow - Rainbow

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Get nice and cosy with the Legami Warm Cuddles Heat Pillow with Linseed - Rainbow. This cute heat pack provides comfort with its soft material and lavender fragrance bringing a smile to your face.
Hot relief: remove the pillowcase. Place half a cup of water and the pillow in a microwave with turntable. Make sure that the seeds inside the pillow are evenly distributed. Heat for 60 seconds at 500W-700W or for 45 seconds at 800W-1000W. If the product is not hot enough, stir the seeds inside and heat at 10-second intervals. Insert the pillow and into the pillowcase. Wait about 30 seconds before use.
Cold Relief: remove the pillowcase, place the pillow in a plastic bag and place it in the freezer for at least 3 hours. Next, remove the pillow contained from the plastic bag and insert it into the pillowcase.

Removable cover with velcro closure, washable by hand
Filler: 97% linseed, 3% dried lavender
Cover material: 100% polyester; inner pack lining material: 100% cotton

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